Accessories - the exclamation point of a woman's outfit! Furthermore, accessories make dressing up fun. Bangles, rings, dangly earrings, vintage brooches, hair pieces, bags - these are all the stuff of joy.  It is always best to look your best!

Jewellery and bijou

Bridal bouquets manmade (bijou, brooches and artificial flowers) and fresh flowers

  • Bridals Bouquets Romantic Flowers

    Bridals Bouquets Romantic Flowers

    Eny atelier presents Bridals Bouquets - should always coordinate with the brides colour palette and finish your floral ensemble form…

  • Bridals Manmade Bouquets

    Bridals Manmade Bouquets

    Eny atelier manmade bridal bouquets: artificial flowers, strass, brooches, pearls, bijou, jewels - beautiful crafted posies.

  • Engagements Rings

    Engagements Rings

    Eny atelier Engagement Rings - Vintage, Antique, Rose Gold, diamonds, pearls, zircons - illustrative pictures.

  • Elegant Jewellery and bijou

    Elegant Jewellery and bijou

    Eny atelier Elegant and Extravagant Bridal Jewellery.

  • Gemstones


    Eny atelier Jewels and gemstones - illustrative picture.